Snow goose.

It was officially freezing when Gabby and I shot these outfits. You can always tell by my shoulders which start to come out of my ears as I hunch over to warm up. Whoever said being a blogger was glamorous?

So...another comfy holiday look that doesn't break the bank and doesn't fall short on sparkle. I have to tell you - I was skeptical of bodysuits. Seemed like a bad 90's nightmare revisited BUT I am big on lace up anything when it comes to fashion. This black version was nothing but comfortable; save for too much coffee and a few extra steps to get it all undone!

These glittery trousers are a total style steal at just $40 with plenty of built-in spandex. Read: TIME TO FEAST!

And these babies were my first part of designer heels. I remember walking into Neiman Marcus and plunking down my credit card. To this day, I cannot get rid of them! 

Sparkly comfort is my favorite when it comes to holiday glamour. Anytime I can get away without tights and a restricting waist line...I'm a happy camper. And for these price can be, too. Three more days peeps!

Shop my outfit below!