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Snow goose.

It was officially freezing when Gabby and I shot these outfits. You can always tell by my shoulders which start to come out of my ears as I hunch over to warm up. Whoever said being a blogger was glamorous?

So...another comfy holiday look that doesn't break the bank and doesn't fall short on sparkle. I have to tell you - I was skeptical of bodysuits. Seemed like a bad 90's nightmare revisited BUT I am big on lace up anything when it comes to fashion. This black version was nothing but comfortable; save for too much coffee and a few extra steps to get it all undone!

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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...

Monday's call for a little swing don't you think? At least they do in my books which is why this Akira fringe vest seemed like a necessity after a busy Fall weekend. In all honesty, I've become somewhat addicted to jackets + coats in general. Frankly, I think it's completely warranted given how long our winters are. Am I right, girls?

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