Stylish comfort; it exists!

My Fall uniform goes a little something like this. Jeans, plaid...repeat. Totally original; I know. There's only so long we can go without coats and layers in Chicagoland so why complicate things I say?!

Up until now I was a Converse girl. Still am! I'll let you in on a little secret though. They've been relegated to the back of my closet and someone has taken their spot up front. I'll fill you's my Hush Puppies Cyra Catelyn's to be specific. I haven't put them to the test on resisting stains and water but man, are these things comfy. 

In a sentence: it's like walking on clouds! I'm pretty confident I've never said that about a shoe. I was torn as they have so many gorgeous colors but I opted for the taupe suede. Second choice would have been the dark grey suede.

My feet have never been happier or more comfortable in these desert booties. They're the perfect addition to my uniform. Next up...these desert booties and skirts!

Grab a pair for yourself! Hush Puppies is offering a boot giveaway on their homepage and giving away 200 pairs!

How would you style your Cyra desert booties? Shop my outfit below: