A chic reading nook with The RoomPlace

Summer is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier. Summer means more outside time and more family time. No matter how much time we spend outside, everyone, myself included, needs a moment to themselves. I call it “quiet time” and I’ve trained my girls to take an hour everyday.

Quiet time at our house is often associated with reading. My kids are now at an age where they thoroughly enjoy diving into books and being read to. Having that said, mom is getting a little too rickety to lay on the floor which was really the catalyst for my husband and I to design a special reading nook for the girls with The RoomPlace. It was such a seamless project from start to finish.

Knowing all of the above, I did not want to invest in pink pieces that screamed 'little girl'. I wanted to create a space that was chic, on trend and more importantly, something that was just as functional for adults as it was for kids. This also means that two little tushies need to fit in the same chair. Not an easy feat!

All design starts with a focal point and for us, it was these Roxbury chairs. See what I mean about fitting two tushies? They are giant and comfy and delicious to curl up in! These chairs also set the tone for our color palette - neutral grays. Next up: finding the perfect rug! I fell in love with this abstract pattern for two reasons. #1. It’s a neutral. #2. It would hide any traces of food, which is something you need to think about as a mom. Truth.

We anchored our cozy chairs and rug with some funky foot stools. I have been searching high and low for accent pieces like these and they were so darn affordable. I couldn’t resist! Everything else came together pretty quickly. We added lucite end tables for lighting and...well...snacks! I fell in love with the Janis Lamp because it wasn’t too distracting yet it matched the whole vibe to a T. The final pièce de résistance was our Ervin Bookcase. It’s the most important element in this entire project! For once we have a place for our book collection and we’ve eliminated clutter. Pretty much every mom’s dream!

If you’re looking to take on a project like this...I highly recommend The RoomPlace. Our order arrived so quickly - I was shocked. Products are available in Illinois and Indiana. Our Summer Reading Nook has really changed the way our family plays and relaxes. More importantly, it’s fostered an even deeper love of reading and that’s something that this momma can get behind all Summer long. Happy Friday!

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