Guadalajara: Day 3 <1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila...floor!>

If you're going to do Mexico right, you have to drink tequila. As an aside, I also drink tequila in Illinois. I'm versatile like that. My husband is so lucky. 

Day 3 was one for the books. We experienced our biggest surprise if this trip couldn't get any better. We woke up to our usual program and were dressed and ready to go early. We knew one thing and that was that we were going to tequila country to learn and tour for the day. No complaints there. But how we were getting there was the big question mark.

If you missed it, I am recapping my trip to is Day 1 and Day 2. My group included: JenJanetEricka, me, Corri and Helen

When our transportation picked us up at the hotel that morning, we were told we were going to be taken to a destination offering the best views of Guadalajara the city had to offer. Made sense...take a bunch of bloggers to a pretty destination and a mass amount of IG stories would ensue. We were a sure thing. 

Instead, what happened was we were escorted to a local property and taken to elevators that reached to the tip top of the building followed by a set of spiral stairs. There were a LOT of escorts. Frankly, I grew a pit in my stomach because I had no idea what was about to happen. One of my friends was sure we were going to be bungee jumping. I almost threw up in my mouth. 

At the top of the stairs, a door opened outside to the roof deck followed by swirling winds and some serious noise. Panic and excitement followed. As we walked up another flight of stairs we soon saw the surprise - it was hard to miss...because it was a friggin helipad! We were commuting to Tequila by helicopter. I almost shat my pants. And I really mean that. 

The views were indescribable. Once we all settled down it was back to videos and pictures and numerous squeals. It was a pinch me moment for sure. We touched down in Tequila where our first tour kicked off at none other than Sauza Tequila. It was magical. Rows of mint hued agave plants and of course, cocktails to start. Fine, twist my arm. 

We learned how to harvest our very own agave plants, too. Tequila, Jalisco is the sole origin of some of the world's best tequila. You really cannot call tequila tequila unless it is made here or if the agave plants have been imported from this destination. Very similar to champagne.

After we each planted our baby agave, we celebrated in dance. When in Rome!

I am very serious about tequila...and dance. Very.

Above: an adult agave plant pulled straight from the ground. The most valuable part of the plant is the heart which looks like a pineapple. They axe all the pretty leaves off and leave for future fertilization. Giant trucks whisk the plants off to the factories and thus begins the process of barrel tequila making. It was honestly so cool plus I love tequila so I had questions...many. 

After the Sauza fields, we made our way downtown via a quaint little trolley to the factory. This enterprise was no joke. You should see the machinery in this joint. But first, a light tasting because we were clearly thirsty and it had only been one hour since we had our last tequila drink. God forbid!

We learned the difference in color, smell, aromas and taste...aged vs not aged. It was fun. A lot like a wine tasting, in fact. 

Following our tasting, we ate at the colorful Hacienda Sauza restaurant on-site which happens to be home to some of the best tableside guacamole I've ever had. I ate ALL the chips and then some. Oh wait...time for another margarita. Fine. 

With a fresh buzz, we toured the plant and learned the step by step process including a tour through the cellars and barrel room. Aged tequila is even better than you think. And yes, I sound like a FT alcoholic now. All kidding aside, we laughed, learned, drank and shopped the cute gift store but that was after we finished with yet another tasting. It's a wonder I remember anything from this trip!

Remember those cute backpacks we received from Theresa? Here's a closer look. I seriously love mine. In fact, I have my eye on Corri's metallic version. It's so great for running around with the kids.

Our afternoon finished with some local snacks in the nearby markets and cathedral square and more quick snaps. You can't beat fresh, grilled corn as a snack...or the plethora of bright candies being carted around. Sure, it was hot but it was delicious in every sense of the word!

After a quick shower, we were ready for dinner. We clean up well! Dinner was at the oh-so-chic Magno Brasserie. I didn't even know it was possible to fit more food in my stomach. We ate like queens this entire trip.

Magno did not disappoint, either. This restaurant had giant, vaulted ceilings that roll back during warm weather so that you look up and see the stars. How cool is that?

By far the most memorable day indeed and it all began with tequila. Funny how that works! Stay tuned for Day 4 - our last day! 

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