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Half way to May.

Happy Saturday! Today's a special posting day and the reason is simple: I was too busy enjoying life yesterday. I've decided that's okay once in awhile. 

With that said, this post is really for my husband. You see, three days ago he asked me what I wanted for my birthday...a very loaded question. (both Olivia and I have birthdays in May and we've got Mother's Day - I quite like this month very much!) Every style blogger has a mile-long wish list. It comes with the job. And we all know I aim to please, right?

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5 party pumps for your holiday.

I shared my top five holiday dresses with you here. Today is all about your tootsies. I take shoe selection very seriously. To me, they can make or break an outfit. They are the proverbial icing on your sartorial cake. With the holidays approaching, I couldn't help but ogle a few more pairs that I'd like to add to my collection. (hello Loeffler Randall, I'm comin' for ya)

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So...ummm...a wish list you ask?

My mom called me yesterday and asked for our Christmas lists. Whelp. I can assure you I am the easiest one on your gifting guide because I keep a curated list at all times of things I am longing for or saving up for. You know...just in case. 

You can never be over-prepared for the scenario in which someone wants to buy you a gift. Never girls...never. 

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