Floral fantasy.

It all started with this dress. It was on my birthday wish list and I wanted it so so bad. There are a couple reasons why. You've got time right?

#1. It's scuba material. I love SCUBA. It never wrinkles...you could roll it up in a ball and perfection. Exhibit one, two, three and four

#2. It's floral. I am finally jumping on the floral bandwagon.

#3. My girls gifted it to me. The three of us love pretty dresses.

#4. It's flattering. It sucks you in in all the right places.

It's pretty frequent that I prefer to dress feminine. Save for Saturday, I'd wear a dress every day. Honestly. Sure, I love denim but I'll take a garden dress any day of the week.

Thank you to my hubs and the nuggets for all the prettiness.

Shop my outfit below: