Eating #healthy for LYFE!

Another birthday came and went - I knew something had to change. It's been 30 days since I decided to get real serious about my health. Since starting my own business, I feel...well, depleted. In the best way possible, though!

Between running around on meetings, photo shoots, switching to my mom hat and in general, burning the midnight oil nightly; I woke up one day feeling just awful. That's sans wine hangover! I decided to take things into my own hands. (more on this soon!) In a nutshell, I drastically changed my diet, added 30 minutes of exercise into my daily regime and cut out all gluten from my diet. I'll have to post my journey next week!

The point of all this? When I was invited to a Lyfe Kitchen Tasting this week, I knew this was the kind of invitation that was right up my reformed, healthy alley, that is! 

What is LYFE you ask? I'll tell you!

It's fast food boasting an extraordinary, balanced diet of delicious, tasty options that just so happen to promote sustainability and local farm communities. It's the healthiest fast fare ever to hit my palette with a superb amount of flavor. 

What? Flavor and healthy food...together? Yep, I know. Healthy nutrition can be delicious, too!

Both myself and four other bloggers sampled a colorful menu of edamame hummus and veggies, roasted mushroom and goat cheese flat bread, a kale caesar salad, unfried chicken, chili ginger stir fry, a vegan burger, a spicy black bean bowl and for dessert....a fresh berry bowl and banana budino.

And that's just a few of the dishes they generously offered us. The menu and tasting was extensive.

One of the highlights of the tasting was the LYFE Waters. I sampled the Hibiscus Beet Tea infused with ginger, apple and lemon! They are delicious! 

Interesting fact: all LYFE entrees are under 600 calories which is amazing AND they just introduced a new line of Skinny Cocktails...yup, tasty alcoholic beverages all under 200 calories! Right then and there I was SOLD!

Speaking of skinny, here's the bottom line...LYFE Kitchen doesn't sacrifice taste for nutrition and that's exactly what you'll get. A rich rainbow of good-for-you foods that will make your mouth happy fueling your body the right way.

And that my friends, is a #LYFE choice we can all afford to make! Try out any of their three Chicagoland locations!

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