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Zen is a State of Mind.

What’s your typical state of mind? Is it stress? Is it calm? Is it busy? Is it bliss? Or, if you are like me, it could be a combination of all of the above taking place in a span of 24 hours. That’s more like motherhood, right?

For me, a good scent evokes calm at the end of a stressful day. Calm is so often associated with nature, too. Think citrus, bamboo or orchid. In fact, I’ll do you one better. Think Febreze ONE.

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Kiddo street style.

Warning: cute kiddo fashion ahead!

As a mom, finding whimsical toddler fashion can be challenging. Scratch that, find whimsical girls' fashion that isn't overwhelmingly pink with crowns is a challenge. While every girl deserves a bit of pink in their wardrobe...there is a thing as too much! All of this can be remedied by heading over to Mini Street Style - a new childrens fashion line dedicated to international street style and key fashion trends.

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Conversations with Olivia.

Today's post came quickly on the heels of last month's. Honestly, I couldn't make this stuff up. Olivia gives me such great content that I'm strongly considering writing a book. Kidding. Well, maybe not! 

As of late, she's become increasingly interested in bones, the human body and Taylor Swig. That's code for Taylor Swift. ...which has led to some interesting conversations. Let me tell you. Here we go...

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Candid Holiday Cards + a Giveaway!

Everyone has a story when it comes to taking the family holiday card photo. Christmas trees falling, kids crying, wrapping paper everywhere - I've seen it all!

I'm partnering with the Cardstore again to spread the word about an amazing contest and a very special giveaway!

Let's kick it off with the Candid Christmas Card Contest! (ends 12/3/14)

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