Conversations with Olivia.

Today's post came quickly on the heels of last month's. Honestly, I couldn't make this stuff up. Olivia gives me such great content that I'm strongly considering writing a book. Kidding. Well, maybe not! 

As of late, she's become increasingly interested in bones, the human body and Taylor Swig. That's code for Taylor Swift. ...which has led to some interesting conversations. Let me tell you. Here we go...

Me: Ok, Liv...let's finish this bath. No more playin' around. (in my stern voice)

Olivia: But mom, I can't stop laughing. (Note: this makes disciplining super hard when your kid makes you start laughing)


Olivia to our nanny:  Nana, what happened to your car? (our nanny's car mirror was sideswiped)

Nanny: I don't know Liv. Someone hit it.

Olivia: Do you know who?

Nanny: No, I don't know. They drove away.

Olivia: Hey, did Taylor Swig hit it? (we've been watching Blank Spaces on repeat...pretty sharp kid, huh?)


Lola singing Blank Spaces over and over again in the back seat...

Olivia: Lola, stop singing Blank Spaces. Can you sing a song about daddy?

Lola: Hit the road, Jack! And don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more... (in case you didn't know, my husband's name is Jack)


Olivia: Did you know dinosaurs have bones? Did you know we do, too?

Me: Yes, yes I do. We have bones and that's what holds us up and keeps us strong.

Olivia: Did you know that if you took our bones out we would be like jellyfish? (kinda stunned at this point...preschool is way advanced compared to my experience)


Husband: Ok is theSuper Bowl. Because it's a special day I'm going to allow you to play with my phone and the iPad while daddy watches the game.

Olivia: Ok, dad...don't say I didn't warnnn yaaaaa! (yet again, another Taylor Swift "Blank Spaces" references. I's outta control)


Olivia: Hey Mom! Look, I'm an acrobat!

Me: Yeah, that's so cool!

Olivia: Yeah, I'll be the acrobat and you be the ring master of our house. (there could not be more truth to that statement. I'm with ya kid!)

...'til next time!

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