How to Reverse a Bad Day.

Wednesday was just a no good, very bad day. I suppose we're all due for one of those. I'm starting to think the minimum is once a month. That's my average ratio at least, one crap day out of every 30. That ain't bad right? 

Although, when it's a real shit show. Wednesday was a complete comedy of errors. It was just like one thing after another. Usually by the fifth or sixth incident, I just have to let out a snort because you can't make this stuff up. It went something like this:

  1. I had an awkward moment with a client via email. Let's leave it at that.
  2. My face was melting off at a photo shoot due to Chicago's humidity factor. Humidity is just a bitch and it makes me cranky.
  3. Some dude on 94 got angry that I changed lanes and rode my ass for five miles swerving next to me every mile or so to stare at me and yell obscenities. #normal
  4. Later that day, I boarded the Metra to attend an event in the city and when I sat down, the woman behind me got up muttering that I didn't need to dump the entire bottle of perfume on myself. By the way, I didn't. Lady, if you're reading this...get a roadie for the next ride home to take the edge off. Ghish!
  5. My cabbie (en route to event) decided he wanted to interview me and I wasn't in the mood so I only solicited one-word answers. When I got out he told me I had a very manly voice and asked if I was a manager of some sort. What?! No! Just let me outta the cab!
  6. For the big finish...Mother Nature paid a visit and offered up a heaping dose of cramps with a side of nausea while I was at said event. Did I mention I was wearing a pale pink skirt that night? Awe-some.

So, you see, I'm quite human. I simply avoid writing about all the bummer days. The best thing about Wednesday though, came from none other, a fellow blogger. She made mention of my happiness post awhile back and how much it resonated with her. Of course, it's always nice to hear that but it also got me do I reverse a bad day?

Well, here's the skinny...because even though I do choose happiness, some days are just do-overs!

  1. I quit while I'm ahead. As in, I close the laptop and I hang it up for the night even if that means I didn't finish that project or that blog post, for that matter.
  2. I work out. It's so cliche but it truly is a mood enhancer. I picture every punch or kick is really me punching that angry driver on 94 that day!
  3. I drink wine with my husband and watch Millionaire Real Estate and Flipping Out. I love Jeff Lewis. This is my TV season about now.
  4. I call one of my outta state friends. I don't see them regularly hence it's always a breath of fresh air. I like to hear other people talk and just listen.
  5. I water the plants outside. No joke. Betcha didn't know I had a green thumb?! It takes all of 20 minutes but it's a mindless activity and I just zone out with the hose. (that sounds weird doesn't it?)
  6. I find hilarious quotes on Pinterest about drinking gallons of wine or eating loads of cookie dough with reckless abandon and then I text my partner because I know she's always all in for a laugh and will appreciate my humor. 
  7. I hug it out. Doesn't matter if it's my husband or my kiddos. Hugs remove stress inch by inch.
  8. I scream a profanity. Simple as that. With gumption and usually the F word. 
  9. After I bathe and tuck in my kids; I bathe and tuck in myself. At 9 o'clock. Because really...who the hell cares? Judge me. World = 1, Johanna = 0.

Rocket science? Nah. Sometimes we all just need a simple reminder that "momma said there'd be days like this" and it's ok to surrender. There's nothing a strong cup of coffee and a new morning can't cure. Take that universe!

Photography by Hallie Duesenberg

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