Ever since I laid eyes on this t+j designs top, I was sold. What's not to love about a whimsical top with bananas no less? Exactly...nothing. 

If you haven't run into pineapples or flamingos yet then I can only assume you've been sleeping through summer. I'm bringing back the banana though...Chiquita style or bust!

It only made sense to toughen this top up with leather shorts. All about balance, right?

We all need that one sartorial item that just makes us smile and for me, it's this top and a bright pair of pumps! I'm having a love affair with my turquoise heels...I usually play it safe with neutrals but not today!

Summer's coming to a close hence I'm busting out all the vibrant items in my closet. We've been experiencing steamy temps so get ready for a whole lot more off-the-shoulder, lace, brights and flirty skirts. It's full court press because I hear August is around the corner. (cue ugly crying)

Shop my outfit below: