We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you a CARNIVAL!

If you want to know the inspiration behind my recent color affection on Instagram...let me introduce you to one of my weekend muses. The small town carnival. We paid a visit on Saturday and boy, it did not disappoint!

Guess who got really excited about the rides and eating cotton candy for the first time? Any guesses?

This is my favorite shot. All with my trusty iPhone. Just punch up the color and voila!

It was a big day. The girls rode their first kiddie roller coaster, too. I'll spare you the photo of Lola screaming bloody murder as Olivia gripped her little hand. Cue frantic mom racing up the steps to rescue her from the deathly grips of the dragon coaster. #wineplease

If you ever feel like you've hit a creative rut, I highly recommend "playing tourist" for the day because really, inspiration is all around us. I promise, your family won't complain. 

Leftover cotton candy sold separately. Smile, it's Tuesday!

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