Travel diaries.


Let’s talk travel necessities. I never cared much about my luggage before. After all, it’s thrown around every which way north of Sunday. If it zipped and didn’t way over 50lbs, we were in business. That all changed when Nasaden reached out to me. Talk about sleek, gender neutral luggage accessories that were just as fashionable as I aim to be each and every day.

The hard shell protects your valuables and shows far less wear and tear then traditional pieces and they come in so many cool finishes and colors. Think hot pink, red, even metallics! I opted for the black because…well…you know how much I love black! All things considered, I truly wanted a piece that my husband could use as well. And the storage! It’s a shoe lover’s dream. I can fit both myself and our sweet ladies in one piece which is ideal for our upcoming European adventure. My husband is always baffled by the fact that each lady in his life needs to bring their own luggage on trips. Welcome to women!

The other two features I love is their TSA friendly security lock which is ease to pop open at a moment’s notice and the 360 wheel rotation. No more dragging heavy luggage through long terminals. How much do you loathe that arm ache?

I cannot say enough about this brand. I’ve been really wanting to up my luggage game and the ease of ordering on Amazon just made the whole process that much easier. Are you ready to invest in travel with Nasaden? Fire your questions away - happy to answer!