SelfMade Speed Round - Leanne Kurtzweil


Leanne is pint size fun. That’s the best way I can describe her. And to give you some background, I’ve only known Leanne for about a month or so. We were introduced by a mutual friend and I just knew I liked her immediately. She’s incredibly warm and funny and approachable. Also, she’s ambitious. I love the real salt-of-the-earth types. I find them incredibly inspiring. They are just magnets to my personality because you don’t have to question their authenticity. And a side note, she kicks my butt in class so there’s that!




  1. What’s the name of your business?  SALT Fitness

  2. Two sentences or less...what is the goal of your business?  Our goal at SALT is to empower people to live their healthiest life - in and out of the studio. We offer everything you need in one space - cardio, strength, toning + stretch - so you feel strong in mind + body.

  3. How long have you had your business? This August North Shore will be 8 years old and Northbrook 6 years old - time flies!

  4. What was the hardest part about getting started? Learning to teach!  I used to tell myself ‘fake it ‘til you make it’.  I had never taught a thing in my life and we did not have as robust of a training program back then.  It took alot of hard work, but I loved it and was determined!

  5. What is the biggest triumph you’ve experienced thus far? Creating a team environment that is welcoming and thus a studio that is welcoming. There is enough comparison already happening in the world. We often hear from clients who appreciate a space they can come and feel supported to reach their goals.  

  6. What’s for breakfast? A Smoothie from Dailey Harvest - current fave is greens w/ ginger!

  7. Kids - yes/no and if yes, how many/ages? Yes!  Two boys ages 7 and 5.

  8. Workout? What do you love to do? Of course!! I genuinely love everything SALT offers!  30 / 30 is my current favorite bc it pushes me hard. I notice a difference in my results if I don’t balance my practice so  that means continuing to take barre, cycle, FIT + Stretch as often as possible.

  9. Favorite snack?Roasted chickpeas - we offer a clean eating program and these are ‘an approved snack’ - they satisfy the need for a crunch while still healthy.

  10. Favorite guilty pleasure? Margarita on the rocks!

  11. Best vacation you’ve ever taken and why? Probably my honeymoon - it was 3 weeks in Fiji + Australia - enough said!!!

  12. One must have item in your purse? Apple earbuds...a must for any busy mom / business owner

  13. Go-to everyday uniform? SALT crop sweatshirt, workout leggings + gym shoes

  14. Favorite luxury beauty product? Beautycounter face oil #1 - once you try it you will never stop!

  15. Favorite drugstore beauty steal? Tough one!  My time is limited so I rarely shop the drugstore aisles...

  16. Milk or dark chocolate? DARK !!

  17. What did you want to be when you grew up? A newscaster or a lawyer - I have no idea why - but I always envisioned myself working.

  18. What’s your party trick? If I actually make it to the party, that is a WIN :/

  19. Name one destination on your bucket list? Spain

  20. Favorite TV program? Of all time? Definitely something I was persuaded to binge watch with my husband - I’d say Breaking bad - we were hooked!

  21. Beyonce or Jay Z? Beyonce

  22. Wine or cocktail? What kind?  Cocktail - prefer tequila!

  23. Your friends’ nickname for you is? My initials “LTK”

  24. What’s next for your business? Increasing brand awareness in the Chicago area, we need SALT to be a name everyone knows (and of course loves!)

  25. Pets? What kind/name? No!

  26. Favorite neighborhood in Chicago? Wicker park, we lived off Division when it first started to change - it will forever take me back to a time where i had lots of freedom (before businesses + kids!)

  27. Podcast listener? Which one? Yes!  Anything about entrepreneurship, building a brand, growing a company ….I wish I had more time to listen to all the awesome content out there.

  28. Biggest pet peeve? Being late! And I get even more annoyed with myself if I am running late bc I know how precious time is each day.

  29. What’s your sign? Aries

  30. What’s your favorite quote?  ‘The distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION’

Thank you Leanne. xx