A post on why I don't wear florals.


When people talk about Spring. I shrug. I dunno. Florals + me = no bueno. I’ve never been into ultra fem looks. I mean, I get it…they look lovely on many women, my friends even! Just not on me. I guess I consider myself more of a boot stomper. A ripped denim wearer. No frills. You get what you get.

I am sure you are in disbelief.

So this is what I call a transition. Shorter sleeves albeit tank arms, more ripped denim and a layer. Yay for originality. Besides…we all know florals aren’t exactly groundbreaking right, Miranda?

If you’re anything like me, my entire look can be shopped below. I’ve grown particularly fond of this body suit to. I love the lines and it’s great for layering or under blazers. And the price is under $50! You can never have enough black and white layering pieces.

I’m back and ready to shop! Happy Spring! Happy Shopping! And thanks for the loyalty in my quiet time recently. xo