Vacation dinners always consist of two things for me: a dress and fun accessories. Hilton Head was no exception.

We spent quite a few nights drinking tropical drinks whilst listening to live music at The Salty Dog Cafe. It's kind of a "must" down there. My girls are nothing if not total suckers for hamming it up in front of a live audience. One night they got so into it that the band called them up to award them dinosaur necklaces for "best dancers". Oh boy!

Two accessories I'm crushing on hard: this vibrant clutch and this glammy necklace.

As you can see, Olivia is getting way too cool for family pictures. Observe face.

...but not too cool for virgin pina coladas. Smart kid.

I suppose this is the part of the post where I say "Take Me Back!" except I would actually be saying that in the most sincere way possible. Stay young forever, kids because it's back to the world of grown up responsibilities all too soon.

I just want a Bahama that too much to ask?

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