Pumpkin fest'ing!

This is the second year in a row that we've attended The Great Highwood Pumpkin Fest. It's super fun and super Fall-y. Our kids love it and this weekend couldn't have given us better weather. It's hard not to be in a great mood when you bust out a vest and drink a Bloody Mary on what appears to be a mile-long block party. Win/Win, right?

Would you believe this is the first vest I've ever owned? I think I'm in love. My Uniqlo version is ultra lightweight but cozy enough that I wasn't sweating. It comes in a ton of colors, too! Of course I chose pink because I think it will look so pretty with greys and lighter pink tops!

Leather wrap bracelet courtesy of Lenny and Eva. I like a little texture with my girlie pink...but then again who doesn't?

But really, you're probably wondering about my Mokuyobi Threads banana messenger bag aren't you? My girls are literally "bananas" over it. It fits everything and is made of washable canvas that is perfect for a day out. I have my Nikon, snacks, water bottles, wallets...you name it in this bag! It's the perfect size and I love that it's not slipping off my shoulder every five seconds.

What did you guys do this weekend? We're heading to a pumpkin patch next weekend...trying to cram in as much as possible before the weather turns. Let's hope the rest of this Fall is as glorious as this past weekend. Happy Monday!

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