Fearless Friday: Surviving Small Talk + A Crazy Social Calendar

You're either a people person or you're not. And if you're not, social situations can leave you squeamish and all together uncomfortable. I see it all the time in creative types...brilliant in their own right but would prefer to stay in with a glass of wine and their computer vs. donning their best party dress and making small talk. Ironically, my husband is not a creative but loathes social situations. Luckily, I carry the weight for both of us! By the time he's on his second beer, I've scheduled a playdate and a double dinner date with said new couple!

Love it or hate it...some of us are chatter boxes and thrive on social interaction. But what about the rest of you? Today I'm sharing 7 conversation starters to help ease the nerves and solicit lively conversation no matter what type of event you're attending. 

Oh and beware: do NOT ask someone what they do for a living? It's a pretty aggressive opener and one that I personally loathe!

  1. Ok, I'm having a Netflix night with my (spouse)...what's on your TV shortlist?
  2. Visited any new restaurants that I need to check out? We recently went to...
  3. I love your (compliment an aspect of their outfit) DRESS! I really need more leopard in my wardrobe...where did you snag it?
  4. How did you meet (hostess name)? We met at XYZ event!
  5. Where do you live? (once answer is solicited, talk about a landmark in their city, a restaurant for example, that you love) *easy icebreaker
  6. Any vacations planned?
  7. What are your plans for the holidays? We stay in Chicago... *another easy lay up!

Small talk doesn't have to be forced. I love getting to know people and finding out what they love, dislike and eventually what they do. The whole process of getting dressed up and mingling is something I thoroughly enjoy. Like I always say...when in doubt - have a cocktail and have fun with it!

Happy Networking!

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