Beauty 411: Ruby Room

There's no doubt that Mercury was in retrograde last week because I've been feeling the effects tenfold. As a special treat, I took a break and opted for the Ruby Deluxe Arcona Facial at Ruby Room, thanks to my friends at Pretty Quick.

Ruby Room has been a luxury spa destination on the Chicago scene for almost a decade. I remember when it first emerged on the scene. There was something very different about this brand. I was working in the spa industry and remember noticing the deliberate branding and vision owner, Kate Leydon had for the brand. Turns out she was onto something after years of working under the Bumble & Bumble brands and a few other key players....because what has evolved is a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. Often replicated by other spas but nowhere near the level of authenticity that Ruby Room has to offer. 

The first thing I noticed after being ushered back to the relaxation chambers, is the fact that Ruby Room has developed their own signature line including the flower & gem essence collection. In essence, no pun intended, creative energy sprays that tap into your different chakras. They smell uniquely delicate. The accompanying reading that my skilled esthetician read to me was uncanny. My chakra card tapped into all that I had been feeling as of late. It's a bit like receiving a card reading.

Pick a card and your essence will be chosen and sprayed into the air as the backdrop for your first service. Mine was b creative. Smells faintly of clove and cinnamon and stimulates new relationships, releases creative blocks and enhances emotional strength. Yep...let's check all of those off!

Following my brief introduction to Ali, my esthetician, I was escorted to my quiet spa room where I stripped down to my spa towel and nestled into to a warm table with copious blankets. I could have passed out right there. Ali entered and we discussed my skin trials and tribulations. After 37 years on this earth, I was pretty spot on.

Ali then went on to customize an Arcona facial for my skin needs as I sunk into the table even further. 90 minutes drifted by rather quickly...or so it seemed. At first I was the chatter box...poor Ali. We talked about babies, branding and more. That was until she started to massage my arms as my peel set in. It was pretty much lights out after that. I know there were many more steps but you'll just have to see for yourself!

Here's what I do know. My facial regime included a gentle cleanse with the most delicious kiwi creme bar (yes, I bought one!) followed by a second cleanse, a peel, an eye mask, an arm and head massage, a third cleanse and finally...a variety of eye, lip and facial moisturizers left to soak into my skin. The service completed with Ali's soft words nudging me gently out of my sleepy stupor as she once again sprayed my flower & gem essence into the air. 

What I learned: I need to take 90 minutes every month to zen out. The effects on my attitude at work and at home were marvelous. A literal breath of fresh air.

What you need to know: Ruby Room has much more than meets the eye. It truly is a healing sanctuary. This isn't a spa built on fluffy services with lackluster results. Ruby Room reminds us that inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty. And that's something I can get behind on a more regular basis.

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