Beauty 411: Beauty Bonanza!

It has been ages since I've written a Beauty 411. The truth is...I receive a shit load of beauty products (of which I am very grateful for) and it takes awhile for me to review, test, sniff and trial each product several times. Many do not make the cut and it has nothing to do with price tags. I assure you. 

You see, I believe in using up my products before I open another so therein lies the problem. I squeeze each tube until the last drop. I wouldn't dare waste anything and if the product doesn't suit me...I gift it to my friends. So, now you understand what goes into my product reviews!

What you see today are products that I truly endorse and love. You would actually die if you saw the cabinet full of product rejects; I assure you I place them in good hands. Think loads of foundation and lip products that don't jive with my pasty skin. Third world problems...I realize. 

I AM totally enthusiastic about today's line up though. I've adopted them into my skincare regime rather quickly and now it seems like I can't live without them. From Korean cosmetics to body scrubs to gorgeous skincare...I feel buffed, smooth, dewy and pucker perfect. Or at least I pretend!

Let's chat! Here's why I loved each of these products. And ladies, trust me...this is an authentic review which means you need to run out and snatch these up for yourself.

  1. OGX Moroccan Oil Elevated Spray: Newly addicted to this spray because it delivers on shine and brushable, soft-to-the-touch hair. No hard crusties. It smells amazing, too!
  2. Chosungah22 Ink Jet Tatt Tint: Completely addicted to this pink lip stain because it lasts all day, which is a rarity, and is the perfect shade of popsicle pink.
  3. Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go: Obsessed. Utterly obsessed. After a long day, a couple swipes and make up residue disappears. It smells so fresh and yummy, too! Ginseng is one of the ingredients that leaves such a lovely scent.
  4. Essie Coconut Cove: I keep repainting the same color over and over again on my digits and piggies. It's such a great color on bronze skin!
  5. Chosungah Jello Color Kit: This color cosmetic brand has rocked my world because it is so so good. The colors are soft and highly pigmented making this eye shadow palette go the distance. The packaging alone...just a rad rad company. 
  6. Fresh Umbrian Clay Toner: This is the oily girl's answer to summer grossness. Such a fabulous toner that leaves your skin soft and supple. Not at all harsh like many of the toners I'm used to using. 
  7. Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask: Chamomile and lavender soothe tired skin in the form of a five minute mask. I used this Saturday night after a day in the sun and my skin breathed a big sigh of relief. Again, for the oily type.
  8. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray: I don't have curly hair but what this product does deliver is a beachy texture that allows me to scoot out the door in seconds. Smells just like the beach! Just spray, scrunch and go!
  9. OGX Coconut Water Spray Oil: Use this as a styling/finishing oil on your hair right before you blow it out. My hair was soft and shiny and full of bounce. It's ultra light which is key for fine hair that often gets weighed down by oils and serums.
  10. Function of Beauty Customized Shampoo: The newest innovation in haircare. I created my own shampoo and conditioner based on my needs...down to the color of the bottle and the accompanying scents. My bottles were customized to color care, volume and oily hair. And...the sizes are generous. Totally genius!
  11. Scrub Love Original Love Blend: Finally, a treat for the body! Think orange peels, COFFEE, pink sea salt, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil. It has the most amazing smell. I slather it on in the shower and let it sit for five minutes before a final rinse. Even my husband said I smelled amazing. And my shower was NOT a grease slick...bonus!

Happy shopping! xo