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Timeless skincare.

There's a few things that I prioritize when it comes to my skincare regimen...which are completely different from my priorities in my 20's. I suppose that happens. They are as follows:

  1. Anti-aging benefits
  2. Reasonably priced
  3. Ideal for oily skin
  4. Results

The last one is kind of obvious but hey, it needs to be said. ...and I found one that actually accomplishes all of the above: Timeless Skincare. You'd be amazed what $20 can do for your skin!

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Beauty 411: gentle skincare

I love beauty with a purpose. A cause. That's what today's Beauty 411 is about. Today I'm going to sing the praises of Lindi Skin because it's awesome!

Founded in 2003, this line was designed for people undergoing cancer treatment. You can imagine how important safety and the calming qualities had to be. These healing properties were intrinsic to restoring patients skin while giving them a spa-like escape. In fact, all the ingredients were carefully researched and designed to combat bacterial and microbial growth which is critical when immune systems are compromised.

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I've teamed up with Olay for today's post and we're talking skincare, ladies.

Upon hitting my mid-30’s, I very quickly realized how important my mental and physical health would become in growing old gracefully. This officially became evident when I was faced with chasing around my two gorgeous, toddler daughters. It takes energy to keep up with those nuggets and the demands of a full-time job.

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