Beauty 411: Spring beauty acquired!

All right ladies...I've hunted, scoured and tested a myriad of products this month. Lucky for you, I've weeded out the bad so that you can get right to the good. And that my friends is called women supporting women...I gotya back. I know you have zero time to waste. And with that - let's begin!

Everyday Coconut Water Face Toner | I'm addicted to spray toner. I feel naked without it. Even my girls love spray toner and it beats buying cotton pads to apply with your fingers which carry so many germs. This coconut version is beach in a bottle. It's heavenly and completely organic, too. 

Eucerin Daily Protection with SPF 30 | It's that time of year. Time to switch from heavy winter moisturizers to spring formulas. I'm loving this Eucerin version because of the heavy SPF; which, let's face it - we all need these days. It applies pretty thick but it absorbs quickly and I like knowing my skin is protected. It's scent free, too.

Physicians Formula Nude Wear | I ran out of bronzer the other day. It's amazing how reliant I've become on this makeup bag necessity. Per usual, I was running late and ran into CVS to snatch this up on my way to a meeting. It doesn't hurt that the packaging is cute, either. I love the subtle glow without the harsh, orange-y hue that some bronzers leave me with. Almost like a pregnancy glow!

Absolute Love Balm | I received this in a box subscription and fell in love with the cute tin and the bubble gum scent. It's a great pick-me-up during the day. Despite the pre-teen scent, I have to tell you it really mended my dry lips post lipstick usage. They have an entire line of scents that I'm anxious to get my hands on. 

Physician Formula Nude Wear Concealer | You guys know how picky I am about concealers. I scooped this up when I grabbed my bronzer the other day. It creates beautiful highlights where I typically have dark circles. And the bags under my eyes are definitely not designer! The lightweight texture is easy to blend, too. Definitely not as cakey as my Maybelline concealers!

CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous! Powder | I went old school here. Sometimes I need a break from the expensive mineral pressed powders. I'm not all that impressed either. This compact has a great matte finish which I am a huge fan of. For someone with an oily complexion, there's nothing like the original CoverGirl powder to get your through the day. I think they've improved the color spectrum, too because the powder matches my skin tone a lot better than it used to. 

Happy testing & shopping! xo

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