Creature comforts.

I find comfort in routine while I totally thrive off change. It's confusing isn't it?

Ever since I transitioned out of my FT job and into creating my own company, there's a weight that has been lifted. Not that I was carrying around a burden working at my other job...quite the opposite. I really liked my last job, however; there's a certain pleasure I've discovered in creating my own days...quotas...plans.

It's the first time in over a decade that I feel a tremendous calm and I'm reveling in it. I love tapping into my creative side again. 

There's a different level of pressure because let's face it - we need to make this a profitable venture but I know we'll get there.

I think I've become a more pleasant person. I don't feel as frenetic. It's a nice change. 

But then again, maybe not because I asked my husband just now and he laughed and said "No, you are not more calm." I got the gosh darn eye roll again. Jimney Crickets!

I may be a hyper person and I do consume a lot of coffee but golly, I've been productive!

I've purged my closet, reached out to old friends, had more laughs with the girls, researched hash tags, hired two interns, prospected new, Chicago start ups and even managed to plan a date 'bout them apples? 

Perhaps my fashion sense has gotten a little more relaxed, too. I love this houndstooth shawl which I've worn with my micro flares and faux leather leggings. It's really fun to accessorize. 

As for Spring...we'll get to that later!

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