Pawn Shop.

So this dress. Two things. I love it. Also, you need to have boobs of which I do not. Now, I bought this dress at Zara and I definitely don't regret it but I will tell you that I think if the girls were bigger might be a hair more flattering. 

All that being said, I love the cut of the dress and the fact that it's not a simple striped dress...there is a level of interest to it. Again, DETAILS.

Next topic of discussion: ear jackets. This is my first pair sent to me by Berry Brand. They generously sent me the sweetest package of jewelry that I'm so excited to share with you. Back to ear jackets...I love this lapis pair. It's such a fun punch of color and it's a welcome diversion from my daily studs.

As for pawn shops...they're a fabulous destination for style posts. Special thanks to my husband who has become my own, personal Annie Leibovitz.

Now go check out the gorgeous stones housed at Berry Brand! Shop my outfit below: