The incredible Intercontinental.


The best part about any staycation is the ability to discover unknown gems in your very own backyard. That and a plush hotel bed make all the difference. It’s really not the extravagant, action packed weekends or events that my girls remember most but rather the low key moments when we are all together and unplugged.

That opportunity came to us at the end of the school year via Intercontinental Hotel Chicago. I remember this hotel growing up. The grand, white exterior with the gold revolving door always stood out on Michigan Avenue. My parents used to remark what a great hotel it was having attended several weddings there. It’s iconic, really.


When the hotel reached out offering up a 2-day staycation for our family, I jumped at the opportunity. It had been rainy and moody as a slow, summer start. It was just the pick-me-up we all needed and a great way to toast the end of the school year.

Truth: I forgot to pack swimsuits but fear not…Nordstrom and Forever 21 are directly across the street. Problem solved. This is what happens when I try to wrangle four people’s belongings plus a dog to head into Friday rush hour.!


The pool is majestic. A hidden beauty. And here’s another parent tip: you won’t be the only ones there at 8am on Saturday. You will have PLENTY of company. I assure you!

We spent the evenings walking to nearby eateries and grabbing ice cream on our walks home. Our favorite bed time ritual became our internal “turn-down service” which included a Disney movie of their selection, coloring and wine for Mom + Dad. Ahhhh the good life.


One of the great things about Intercontinental Hotels are their packages. Our team was treated to the Scavenger Package which included backpacks for the kids with coloring and Lincoln the Lion, their plush mascot. We used their backpacks to explore the city and teach them a little bit more about the Gold Coast. It was a fun game for them and totally creative on behalf of the hotel. Right now through Labor Day, they are offering a Saturday Night Splash for $189 per night in which your kids can swim in their famous, ornate, indoor pool while they feature classic, kid’s movies projected on an 80-foot jumbo screen. Complimentary floatys and popcorn included!

I can’t think of a better way to get some QT in with the kids while indulging in the luxury life. Intercontinental Hotel Chicago deserves four thumbs up from the Grange Family!