Star Spangled Glam.


If there’s one holiday I am fully supportive of coordinating outfits for - it’s the Fourth of July. Hands down. Every year I snag red, white and blue outfits from Target for the girls because they ride bikes in our hometown parade. <super Normal Rockwell, I know> And, undoubtedly, the temps are near 100+ so cool, comfortable pieces are the name of the game. Bonus points if they transition from day to evening with added layers for the firework show.

Coordinating holiday outfit doesn’t need to be hokey either. Pick versatile basics that you can mix and match. Meaning, reach for the red top and the white slacks BUT steer clear of stars and cats with flags. You know what I’m talking about, right? We want classic hints vs full-on nods to this iconic holiday…if you’re an adult that is.

So, today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces that I have a version of or own that I pull out for this magical week of festivities. You will never ever go wrong with white trousers, a pop of red looks fabulous on just about every skin type and denim will take you places without diving head first into the expected cobalt or royal blue hues. If you’re shopping tooth is sharp…today’s your day to get festive.

Happy shopping!