Summer strolls.


Summer speeds up and slows down all at the same time for me. Yes, there are endless activities, parties and sleepovers but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The “slow” usually hits right around July; specifically on the weekends. Lazy backyard BBQs, bike riding and a heavy dose of strolling. And when I say strolling…I really mean strolling. One of our favorite Saturday activities is to plan an event and a city lunch. This is where the strolling comes in. Walking the neighborhoods at our own pace is probably my single, most favorite pastime.

So what do these lazy, hazy days require in terms of attire? Really, anything you want but I will take a breezy sundress any day of the week. Even better? One that is under $20. And just because I love ya…how about four floral options under $20? Yup, my kinda summer. Let’s be honest, those humid days call for as little clothing as possible and this is my solution plus all are laundry machine safe. I know there are a million sites with affordable, on-trend sundresses but SheIn will always be my go-to. I’ve gotten so many questions over the years about quality and what I can tell you is this: if you take care of any article of clothing be it $20 or $2000; it will last you for seasons to come. I do not dry any clothes save for under garments and work out gear.

My tips are:

  1. Always size up. Pay attention to sizing charts.

  2. Allow for a delay in shipping although it’s gotten light years better over time.

  3. Shop the trends that you wouldn’t want to pay full price for. That is what this site is for.

  4. Don’t forget the kids’ section. My kids burn holes through their clothes. No love lost.

If you have any additional questions — I’d be happy to answer in the comments below. Shop my exact look below: