Seasonal shift.

I'll be honest. I look at this post and I look pretty beat up. I'm tired, friends. And while I do not want this to be a pity post, because life is so so good, this month was pretty gnarly. I can tell by the bags under my eyes. 

I've been logging 80 hour work weeks with very little balance. I miss my kids, my husband and mindless activities like watching Top Chef. I see my family on almost the same schedule but the quality time has not been consistent. I've been distracted and consumed by work. I miss just not thinking. (sorry, my intention was for this post to be uplifting, not heavy)

But, I do believe in transparency. Not everything can be fashion and shopping and holiday cards. Sometimes you just gotta be real. This is real. As my friend told me on the phone this week...the struggle is real, people. Yes, yes it is girl.

As I navigate my way and overcome my struggle to find'll have to forgive my lack of originality. This is what a seasonal shift in wardrobe looks like. It's somewhat haphazard and a little thrown together. Most recently, I've been craving warmth. 

...and lots of hot tea. Decaf. Are you surprised? Yeah, my insomniac self doesn't need any help in the sleep deprivation department.

Good news, my mop is getting colored on Thursday. That always refreshes me! 

And on the list of positive things to focus on:

  • Olivia has been cracking jokes and they are actually funny.
  • The girls made their first batch of gingerbread cookies.
  • The lighting festival kicks off on Saturday. Come on 40 degree weather!
  • I bought my first Christmas gift. I already feel accomplished. 
  • Lola has been a cuddle monster and I love every second.
  • It's soup season!

What are you thankful for? Oh wait...hey, it's almost Thanksgiving. Who knew?!

Forever 21 Cardigan | H&M Denim Shirt | Nordstrom Faux Leather Leggings | Just Fab Booties | Merona Satchel | c/o ShopLately Ring