This weekend Jack and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage. It feels like more...ha, ha...just kidding, honey. No, really. 

It seemed only fitting to take a brief pause and acknowledge that without him I wouldn't be a mom, a wife and a better person, overall. I don't want to give him too much credit though...I was pretty awesome before we met. Totally kidding, again. Hey, come's Friday!

He is Olivia's best friend. My soul mate. Lola's favorite tickle monster. And probably the only one who still gives Lucy extra pets amidst an insane schedule. 

Happy Anniversary to one phenomenal dad and husband. A constant supporter of everything I pursue: starting a company, working for a start up, a new fitness regime, planning parties, standing on my name it. I could tell him I want to join the circus and he'd be game. 

I can only hope our girls are just as lucky to find a guy like their dad. And I hope they meet him at the young age of 19 but hold out to experience life just to realize he was the one all along. 

All right, that's enough. Happy Friday!

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