"I don't know how you do it all."

What you see here is not reality. It's a moment in time captured by a very talented photographer. But that's what family pictures are, right?

I've been getting the same question pretty frequently lately. I must be giving off this vibe like I've got it all handled..and I don't. So when people comment:

"I don't know how you do it all."

My response is simple. I'm not doing it all! Not even close. The thing is, social media only shows you the pretty, styled side of life. What you don't see is an un-showered mom in her pajamas feverishly trying to push something out for work while one child is screaming for potty assistance and the other child is having a meltdown that I peeled her banana for her. That, my friends, is reality. If you want to get real down and dirty, after I/we put the kids down for bed, I typically work late five nights a week just to catch up and finish everything I need to with Oak St. Social or any blog obligations I've committed to. Save for Friday nights, it's pretty rare that I sit and watch a television show with my full attention. Most of our clients' social media posting work is done in the evenings so there's never really a day off so to speak. It's just what we've signed up to do!

For the existing and the new moms out there: don't be so hard on yourself! Ask for help. We all have help and we still look ragged. Some days are fabulous and some days are wretched. Some days you are connected to your partner and other days you want to put them in a choke hold. And anyone who says this is untrue is flat out lying!

Frankly, I don't do anything perfect. There are days where I feel like a rockstar at work but those are also the days where I'm not the best parent and vice versa. It upsets me and I think about it daily but the truth is, you just can't be everywhere at once and give 100% all the time. It's impossible and if you are...take caution because burn out is around the corner.

Currently, I am not managing my stress very well at all so this post is forcing me to think about the things that keep my sane. It's good to revisit those things which is why I am sharing them with you. And for those who ask that magical question...here is how I get by:

  1. "Me Time" - it's hard to come by but sometimes 30 minutes of scrolling through Instagram and staring at pretty pictures helps me re-center myself. (those damn phones)
  2. Text or call a girlfriend for a good laugh. They can always relate.
  3. On the same note and even better...meet them for a meal or a drink. Time outside of those four walls works wonders.
  4. OR...plan a date night with your spouse. Maybe it's time to reconnect.
  5. Work out. If I don't work out I am a Crabby Patty.
  6. Walk away from the computer!
  7. Indulge - chocolate, wine...whatever it is...allow yourself to have it.
  8. Go to sleep early. Sleep is everything.
  9. Treat yo self - buy that pair of shoes, that Starbucks Venti or that manicure. You've earned it.
  10. Walk outside and just sit. No electronics. Just a zap of fresh air while you get your bearings will prevent you from screaming at the top of your lungs.

Did it work? It's a start right? Happy Friday! Share what you do to relieve stress...we all need assistance in this arena! xo

Photography by Hallie Duesenberg

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