One more fling with the ging...

I have so much on my mind these days. If my brain could burst, picture a cartoon, I think it would! It's so hard to be a good parent and a good spouse and a good friend on top of being a successful business woman. When people say the struggle is's very true.

There is so much pressure to be successful in every arena of my life and well...that's just not possible 24/7. Couple that with being a generous person by nature and sometimes the world leaves me scratching my head. The past 30 days has taught me to take a hard look on who and what I am giving my time to.

I don't expect reciprocity in every scenario I encounter and I do a lot for free by way of advice and resources but I expect people to value my time. Unfortunately, I don't know that this will change. I think we live in a world where most people are living in their own bubble day-to-day and rarely think about outcomes.

...because what you put out there does indeed come back to you. 

That's a lesson I've learned several times over in life.

So here's my PSA for today: Everyone out there is trying to reach some goal or accomplish one thing. Extending yourself just the tiniest bit will generally benefit you two-fold down the line. Sometimes when you need it the most. I'm not running for President, gosh no, but just think if we all did different our daily grind would be. 

There's room for all of us to succeed but it starts with supporting and lifting up our peers...celebrating our gifts; not tearing someone down. "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate." This is going to be my new goal starting today.

Oh and shop my outfit below:

Photography by Ali Stone

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