I honestly didn't even think of a pattern clash when I grabbed my leopard coat on this particular day. I think it was a balmy 40 degrees in Chicago and I was simply excited not to be wearing a huge coat and mittens. It's the little things right?

Obviously I cannot get enough of these glasses, too. Sorry...not sorry.

Honestly though, I think the checks and leopard kinda work?! Maybe you disagree but even still, if you haven't been on the Velvet Heart website, you should definitely check it out. Think Cali-girl-meets-laid-back-boho-vibe. Great prices, too! 

These boots are a style steal, too! I love them. Just enough point with just enough height.

How cute is the back of this top though? 

P/S Have you guys noticed that it's not getting dark @ 4:00pm any longer? Spring is that you?

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