I think any day with candy is a good day indeed. I'm working hard to curb my December sweet tooth, which, let's be honest...isn't going that well. Damn you December and all your chocolate and sweets and cookies. Uggg.

Naturally, when we spotted this street mural we had to:

  1. Twirl because this skirt is sooo twirl-worthy. And it's oxblood.
  2. Stop and take pics.
  3. Buy candy shortly thereafter.
  4. But can I tell you that this tissue thin turtleneck is my favorite gift from Santa. Breathable and not bulky. Two important B's in my books.
  5. P/S Pink sunglasses!
  6. Also, my hubs bought me these OTK boots from Topshop and they're sold out but I linked very similar ones below...you should know this. I lovvvvve them!

And that about covers the important topics for today. First style post of #2016 - woot!

All that's left is Big Will and me. Hump it up folks, half way through the first week which is always the most difficult!

Shop my outfit below: