Living in linen.

Chicago is known for its humidity factor. With Summer Solstice under our belts, I opt for easy, lightweight dresses to get through the weekend. This dress happened to me my choice for a Saturday date night with my husband.

I’m partnering with Tommy Bahama on the new opening of their Michigan + Erie Flagship Store and what you see is the result of a very fun shopping spree with my nuggets. Luxury linen is what I will be wearing all season long. And you will be, too once you attend the opening event that I am co-hosting with several other Chicago bloggers. (invite at the end of this post!)

These bracelets? Lola picked out the yellow one and I picked out the white version. I’ve been wanting a set of tassel fringe bracelets since they came onto the scene and they are such a fun accessory. Just the perfect amount of punch to any outfit!

I love the embroidery details in this dress. It had me at “ombre” but what sold me further is the perfect fit making it easy to wear without looking nine months pregnant!

The true test as to whether this dress was going to be a winner or not…my girls exclaimed, “Mom! You look pretty…I like your dress.” What they say goes if you haven’t figured it out already! 

Happy Wednesday and please join me on 7/1 at the Tommy Bahama Flagship Store on Michigan Ave (at Erie) on Wednesday 7/1 from 6 to 8pm! The invite is attached. RSVP here!