There's a famous saying amongst us women: 

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor

My version of it would be, "Listen sister, nobody cares about your head put on some lipstick, take a Dayquil and pull yourself together." 

That's my motto for this week. Pulling it together...

Head colds are the worst but I've resolved to make the best of it by throwing on colorful ensembles and a fierce pair of heels. It also helps to wear sunglasses all day. Because the bags under these eyes...their designer baby!

I can't believe I'm pulling out the winter coats. Winter, I think you've arrived. (says my raw nostrils)

I'm really feeling the monochrome thing these days. I suppose the title of this post should be "Concord Grape" because that's the vibe I'm getting but I kinda like it. It was a last minute decision that worked out. Isn't that always how it goes...we fawn over our closets for hours only to throw something together and have it be the new, favorite outfit?!

Stay healthy and warm my friends! 

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