Street spotting.

Yes, it's another full length skirt...BUT who can resist a good polka dot? And hello, it's $35. So yes, I will find an occasion to wear it. Even on a Tuesday. You may recall the poppy version of it here.

The opportunity to dress up a graphic tee is one that I welcome. It's just so easy. Opt for the complete opposite of casual when it comes to the bottom portion of your outfit and you will achieve fashion stardom. I swear!

I love the drama of a good skirt. Hard to resist right? Looks great with a tank and a little cropped jacket, too!

In other news, we had a great weekend despite last week's somber mood. Tons of family QT time, I filmed a new style segment (more on that later) and we even squeezed in a date day which rank pretty high in my books. We spend a lot of time talking with the girls about how much we miss our pup and preserving her memory and I think it helps. Talking is therapeutic and I told my girls today that all of the Monday sunshine must have meant that Lucy is looking down on us from heaven and sending us a smoke signal that she is happy and in zero pain. And I think we all find comfort in that!

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