Your best accessory: self confidence

Self confidence. Did you always have it? Some people are born confident while others have to work to appreciate themselves. I'd like to think that comes with age. Sadly, for never does.

Have you ever thought about what makes you feel the most confident? Is it a certain outfit? Being around certain people? Music? It could be anything. Heck, it could be after a 30-minute work out giving you that euphoric high that only happens when you accomplish something. At least that's how I feel.

As a young mom, I think about confidence a lot. You'd be surprised how much of a topic it is for an almost 5 year old. I think we have to accept a certain level of responsibility as a parent. We need to set the tone for these little people. And it makes me think. I have my struggles and areas of vulnerability but what am I projecting on these little girls on a daily basis?

Well, I've got two big campaigns coming up and I'm baring all! Brutal truth here. No nudity...c'mon now! But I am going to take a big breath and share two posts soon that only make me slightly uncomfortable...okay, a lot uncomfortable! Part of it is for me, ironically I'm hoping it makes me more confident, and the other part is for my girls. Maybe one day they will look back at this virtual diary and say, "Hey, let's celebrate women...flaws and all. Let's celebrate what makes us unique!" It's a bit like our own mini Dove campaign, but not executed nearly as well nor with the same budget!

So tell me...what makes you feel most confident? I'm dying to know! (hint: I've always thought a smile is everyone's best accessory!)

Photography by Gabrielle Daylor

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