Why I ride.


Fitness is a choice. In my 20’s I worked out to be skinny. In my 30’s I did it to to get more toned and work off stubborn baby weight. In my 40’s I do it to find joy. Fitness sparks joy for me. It has become much more of a mental game then a scale game for me. Let me be clear though, I am no different than any other woman. I work out to look good and fit in my clothes, too. Every woman does. I also work out so that I can indulge. It’s a crazy cycle of balance but more than anything I do it for my own sanity.

I’ve always been an aggressive worker-outer. Is that a thing? A word? Probably not. Let me explain. When I commit to a class, I want to sweat. I want it to burn. I want to be silently swearing in my head and counting the minutes until the clock is up. Yeah, I am that girl. But I promise you this, I am always thrilled, happy and high on life when it’s over. And the results aren’t too shabby either.

I started working out at SALT Fitness in March and it was just what the doctor ordered. A friend invited me and there’s been no turning back. A bad week for me is only taking 3 classes while a normal week is more like 5. I know every single instructor. I’ve tried every class. And I love every minute. I simply hop on my bike and zone out to the amazing set lists each instructor brings to class…barre included. That zoning out; that’s a gift and it’s a daily commitment to myself.

The biggest reason I love SALT outside of the natural euphoria I feel upon completing a class is that I feel welcome. People know my name. People make me laugh. Swearing is allowed. Mom struggles are common and shared openly. Shouting is encouraged and sometimes there are quiet tears during the meditations but no one sees because it’s dark. They have your back like that.

Some days I am not feeling it but I force myself to go. Not for the number on the scale but because I know how I will feel the rest of the day. SALT has made me stronger physically. I have endurance. I can plank for a lot longer and my thighs burn after those dang barre classes. But SALT has also made me stronger mentally. It’s a release. I let go of the negative. Actually, my clients should probably thank SALT because I have so much more clarity about the challenges we face together. <I’m talking to you Instagram! Grrrr!>

So here’s the deal. I hosted a FREE ride back in April at their Northbrook location and I’m back with another FREE class, this time their 30/30 class, in July only this time I will be hosting at their Bucktown location. And those crazy-good swag bags will make an appearance again, too. I hope you’ll join me. I have 30 spots to fill and I just know there is a bike with your name on it. Maybe you’ll find your joy just like I did.

Register for my next FREE ride and killer swag bags here. All riders must register online. See you on 7/20!

SALT Fitness Chicago Class Invite.png