Wear It 2 Ways: The Cozy Turtleneck (part II)

Last week I shared with you my interpretation of dressing up your favorite turtleneck. Today, I styled it casual...for work, a business lunch or even a holiday party. Long gone are the days of wearing next to nothing in freezing temps. As we all get older...I think we've figured out that you can still have function and not scrimp on the fashion.

Let me re-introduce you to a brilliant a members-only shopping boutique: Lyon and Post. The concept is simple - Try before you buy. You can shop, try at no charge; only pay for what you keep!

These JBrand jeans are like butter. Just when I said I DON'T need another pair of jeans. Dammit, I hate when that happens.

By the way, how do you guys feel about the red cup? I can't believe people get so crazy over something so dumb. It's a cup! (now you know how I feel!)

...but they're really good. Just the right amount of distressing and they hit right at your ankle allowing you to show off those pretty pumps. No squats or calisthenics...they fit just right said Goldilocks!


Shop my outfit below: