Wear It 2 Ways: The Cozy Turtleneck

Ladies, how many times have you been in a rush and run to the mall only to make an impulsive buy and hate it later? Maybe the fit isn't on the mark? Or worse, you find a flaw and you can't return it? Am I the only one raising my hand?

Let me introduce you to a brilliant a members-only shopping boutique: Lyon and Post. The concept is simple - Try before you buy. You can shop, try at no charge; only pay for what you keep!

Lyon + Post was born from one simple, yet nagging question: retail stores never make you pay before trying on clothes, so why does it work that way online? They've revolutionized online shopping. Their mission is to simplify e-commerce by giving members the ability to see, touch, and try on clothes before they spend.

My first shipment came with this cozy turtleneck and accordion pleat skirt. Both of which I've been pining for but truly on the fence about making the investment. They seem like basic closet staples but the reality is...I wasn't sure if accordion skirts would simply eat my short frame up or flatter my petite figure. 

The turtleneck is simply fab. I love that the simple cut out takes it from ordinary to extraordinary. And it works. I'll show you how...

Join me Monday to see how I styled this cozy turtleneck on the casual side. And take a peak at Lyon and Post. It's the answer to having a virtual shopper without the expense and the box is carefully curated based on your profile and taste. What's not to like about that?