Up, up and away... <travel is the theme for 2019>

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One of my 2019 goals was to travel more. It’s been awhile and with the stresses, challenges and triumphs of co-building a company these last five years, travel was not a priority up until now. Fact of the matter is that I couldn’t. I had young children who I wanted to be around for and starting a new business venture is a very FT job.

Now, I look at my girls who happen to be amazing little travelers and I look at my business, and I think it’s time to seek, absorb and find inspiration beyond my four walls again. The anxiety of running a business never quite dissipates but I know I need to take advantage of my youth and their youth so here we go! Plus, that’s why you build a team of amazing people to work with!

First stop = ASPEN! Second stop = LONDON + PARIS!

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My Tiko Carry-On is the ideal weekender bag. The soft pliable structure allows me to fit it in almost any space…road trip or cargo space. Spinner wheels are also an absolutely necessity. I could never go back to those clunky suitcase wheels of yester-year. Durable zippers and chic leather accents make this bag my 2019 MVP.

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The true challenge of packing for these trips is not to overpack which usually means weekend bags do not work for this girl. Such is not the case with Tiko. I can fit multiple outfits, shoes and toiletries in a cinch and I love that the appearance is completely gender neutral which means my husband can use it on his business travel as well.

Tiko is sold direct in case you’re in the market. I cannot recommend this bag enough. And as for the rest of 2019, I cannot WAIT to share my travels with you. There’s also a distinct possibility I might SPAM your feeds but as they say…you only live once. 2019 is my year!