French essentials.


Happy 2019 my friends! I took some time off to be present and I feel ready for a killer year ahead. As you may recall from this post, we have some travel in the very near future, which, I am quite excited about to say the least! There’s no better way to broaden your perspective than to travel and I am thrilled to have my husband and children with me.

What to pack? Yes, it’s January and I am already pondering my Parisian chic wardrobe. A girl can dream, right? I found some incredible sales at the end of the year and I thought I would share with you. Black and white is the name of the game because everything goes!


You can shop each item below but tell me…have you ever been to London and Paris? Where should we eat, drink, play, see? I’ve never been to London.

Special thanks to my lovely reader who personally emailed me with an itinerary. YOU are amazing! Please do leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d love recommendations!