Tis the season for keeping calm....


I’ve told you a little bit about how nutty next week will be here. I’m mentally preparing myself to be spun like a top hence preparation and balance are everything right now. The easiest way for me to achieve that is with a solid exercise routine. Even 30 minutes makes a giant impact on my day. And looking cute is half the battle, right?

I want to introduce you to Joriki Yoga. This brand is redefining yoga apparel in the most playful way possible. Not only are the pieces highly fashionable and unique; each design is tied to a charity which I, of course, love. A percentage of the proceeds from each Joriki sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty.

My favorite collection is from artist, Domingo Zapata. Domingo’s Floral print was inspired by Picasso’s belief that every child has innocence & an artist in them. And Domingo’s Panda Series was inspired by a stuffed Panda Bear given to him by his son during his work travels. How sweet is that? You can view the entire collection here.

I’m also in love with the vivid prints in the Bukhara Collection. A percentage of the sales from the Bukhara will go directly to SPINNA. SPINNA brings traditional skills into mainstream business while empowering women working in fashion and textiles across the globe. The bring pinks and fabrics really drew me to the leggings at first sight.

Beyond the philanthropy, here’s what I love about Joriki Yoga:

  1. the fabric lets you move. It’s as comfortable working out in as it is to work in. <i.e. sitting behind a computer.>

  2. the leggings are my favorite pieces. I love a good high waist and almost all their leggings are cut to hug and flatter.

  3. #lookforwardgiveback. Their mantra really resonated with me on so many levels. Sure, they are giving back to less fortunate communities but this hashtag particularly hits me during the holidays as this is the season of giving…of selflessness.

If you reside in Chicagoland, they have a showroom in the city and if not, check out their sales section.

Be sure to check out the rest of their collections and sign up for their newsletter to get first dibs on events and future sales. And….send some love and get it back. Share the love with your favorite people by gifting them with $20 off their first Joriki purchase of $100+. Once their order is complete, receive $20 of your own. It’s a win win!