Mindful health.

Today's post has a slightly different tone. It's about health. To be exact, a more mindful health. It's something that I talk big game over but have yet to make a habit. That was until 22 days ago. To be exact. 

What you see above is the scene in my house any given day of the week, around the clock save for Saturday's and most of Sunday. It's a little baby called Oak St. Social that needs constant nurturing. Happy to do so but at a certain expense which was most definitely related to my health.

This is my lifeline. What started out as a cup or two of something I enjoyed for flavor and the perks of a little jolt quickly became my drug of choice. Substitute all water for caffeine and you have my diet. Throw in some chocolate, a handful of pretzels and pinor noir on the weekends and what you have is the "Johanna Diet."

I've become a night owl. Midnight is the new 8:00am for me. It's also when the house is most quiet and I can get a shit ton of work done. But...how long could this last?

I'll answer that. Not long. I grew crabby, forgetful, exhausted and fried. I knew I could be a better mom and find balance but how? Who were these women who ran around in their Lululemons drinking smoothies and working out eight hours a day?

Where did they find the time? I ask you! 

P/S I seriously hate working out. I do not know when this happened because up until seven years ago I was an avid runner and in great shape.

So, I made a change. My college buddy told me of a new food/fitness regime she started doing and get this...she lost 15 lbs in three weeks. Sure....then I saw a picture of her and I was all, "Hold up - don't hold out on a sister!"

She told me about the 21-Day Fix and Shakeology program she was doing that required daily 30-minute work outs and recommended portion control based on your personal stats. Sounded like a lotta work, frankly. Working out that is. 

I decided to give it a whirl. It's now been 22 days. I just completed the entire program having worked out every day all except one which is pretty much like winning an Olympic Medal if you ask me. And...I have changed my eating habits drastically!

My diet is balanced. I cut out gluten, breads, chips, all sweets and alcohol save for one cheat day. I FEEL good. I drink one cup of coffee a day...sometimes two. I start my day with an actual breakfast which is a shake and eat normal, only more colorful, the rest of the day. My attitude is better and I definitely don't get the 3pm slumps anymore.

Another miraculous discovery - bee pollen. My friend, Ashley, told me all about it and what it's done for her skin, energy levels and immunity. Then I hopped on that bandwagon, too. Ah-mazing! Truly. 

I'm not done. I have psoriasis on my hands, elbow and one knee and that cleared up, too. I actually think I have a gluten allergy so the balanced diet and elimination of gluten helped big time.

Finally, I sleep better. Like whoa...birds are flying around my head a la Sleeping Beauty style.

I am not getting paid to write this. This isn't a sponsored post which I do frequently. This is girl talk. Heck, it's dude talk. Perhaps one of you is feeling like I do. If you want to make some serious changes and be more mindful about your health...join me.

I actually signed up to be a coach. Yeah, I know you're rolling your eyes. It's okay, I would too. This is not a new career for me. And I really don't care if you join me or not. My message today is simple:

Take care of your body. Eat colorful. Move, even if for 30 minutes a day. Love you more. 

P/S I didn't do this to lose weight. I'm not a nutso. I did it to feel good and clean up my act. Losing a few lbs is simply a perk!

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