14 winter boots to replace your Uggs!


About a week ago, I polled my IG family for their shopping needs. This conversation followed this post which was a wild success. Who knew you guys wanted me to do some personal shopping for you? Well, ask and you shall receive!

One of the responses I received was from a woman who had sent her Uggs to boot heaven and needed a new cozy, on-trend version. This is my kinda shopping challenge. Especially because I only sport Uggs to take the dog out. Seriously.

So off to the internets I went last night and found amazing options at all different price points but super stylish ones at that! Today you can shop 14 of my favorite winter boots in one spot. Might I add that this was rather difficult as I wanted to purchase about four different pairs. Alas…I am perfectly situated in this category so I’ve saved the fun for you.

Happy shopping! And…if you have any more requests, leave a comment below. I love this type of interaction! xo

Image via Vogue.