A different kind of Thanksgiving.




Besides my family’s health and safety, the one thing I am most grateful for in 2018 is friendship. I’ve touched on the subject quite a few times, most recently here, but they have a tremendous impact on my daily outlook and my energy. My girlfriends give me a support system that is irreplaceable.

This year, my gorgeous girlfriend, Sanem, hosted an early Friendsgiving to celebrate us & togetherness. A year of deeper bonds, newfound strength and confidence and just an all around fabulous group of women. The real clincher is that it was sponsored by West Elm. How insanely cool is that? Sanem cooked, they added the flair and we ate. Yeah, that’s what I call perfection.


These girls are the peanut butter to my jelly. You could put us in a padded cell and we STILL wouldn’t have covered all the conversation topics we need to cover. There is never a moment of silence which I ABSOLUTELY love!

This year, as I reflect on how fortunate I am, I know one thing is for sure…I want to transfer their energy into the universe and do more good. Be more mindful of those less fortunate. Spread kindness to even the grumpiest of strangers. Most of all, I want to teach my daughters that the real kind of friendship is not one of comparison, jealousy or extenous effort. It’s one of ease, it’s one joy, it’s one of spontaneity and it’s one that you know you can speed dial that person(s) and they would pick up no matter what. <the exception being if you are assisting a child in the bathroom or someone has fallen down>

I hope you have a safe, cozy and blessed Thanksgiving with you and yours. xo

Photos by: Nikko Salgado


All clothing provided by Sanem’s store!