Peace, love and fitness.

Having fully committed to a healthy lifestyle again, I have to find time each and everyday for fitness. It's challenging in the beginning but once it becomes a habit it's not all that difficult. The choice of feeling happy, fulfilled, clear and strong outweigh a chocolate bar on most days. Even on my hardest days when working out is equivalent to getting a tooth extracted...I always feel 10x's better after it's over. Nothing like a natural high!

And just like a good pair of heels, fashionable and breathable workout gear is the punctuation mark to feeling and looking good. Lord knows my workout gear has seen better days hence I jumped at the opportunity to test out Pheel's collection. 

I like their philosophy, too. Whether you're hitting the yoga studio, running an errand or relaxing on the couch, Pheel fitness gear is where fashion meets high performance. And yes, these pants are as comfortable as they look. (they are most excellent for post-workout naps, too!) They come in three colors and you can create various lengths depending on your activity,

All Pheel products promote breathable, lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture while offering a weightless of the very reasons their logo is that of a feather. Pheel apparel is graceful on the body and oh-so-flattering.

My burnout tee is ideal for working out in humidity, too. It's passable from the studio to picking up my kids from gymnastics. You know how much I love a multi-tasking wardrobe staple!

Take it from me, Pheel is a line to watch! Long gone are the days of ill fitting workout gear. Pheel the love for yourself! xo

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