Cozy GNO destinations + 3 reasons why you need these in your life.


There is not one of my girlfriends who isn’t juggling a million balls in the air. Whether they are an entrepreneur, a creative, a FT mom…they all have one thing in common: they are HUSTLERS. These women manage their homes, their families, their businesses, feed everyone and still manage to look like a total fox at all times. That takes tremendous talent. Trust in this.

And the one thing I love about this girl posse is their love + support for each other and the deep, deep belly laughs. They are gems. So much so that a couple of months ago…we decided to make a monthly dinner standing date. Because dammit, we deserve it! You might recall our last outing here.


This month we chose Cafe Robey because of its autumnal vibes and cozy cuisine. I’d be lying if I said the 1/2 priced bottles M-Th weren’t a draw, either. It’s the perfect spot to imbibe and indulge. The staff was perfectly friendly and the dishes were scrumptious. Three bottles of wine later…


If you’re in it for the ‘gram…be sure to bring a light because it is moody and romantic. We are a romantical group, you know? In all seriousness, great for date nights and they serve a killer brunch on Sundays, too!


People often comment how it always seems like I am out and about. Not so! It’s just well timed content on social media, which, is not real life. This you must know. But still, just like you make time to get a hair cut or see your parents…you must make time for your friends. It’s imperative to a healthy relationship with your children, your SO and for your own sanity.

So, if you think this can’t be you…here’s three reasons you should strongly reconsider:

  1. Perspective: Opinions and experience matter and I trust my girlfriends. They often lend me a different perspective on parenting or work that I hadn’t yet thought of.

  2. Laughter: It truly is the best medicine. My brow is always furrowed staring at a screen. Turns out that when I loosen up…I’m kinda fun.

  3. Bonding: The trust built when you have a posse that has your back is one of my favorite feelings as I grow wiser and more confident in life. If these girls call or text me…I would do anything for them.

So…my only question is, when are you going to Cafe Robey?