The classics...revisited.


Apparently when you purge your closet you can actually see all the items you have in it. Novel, right? As much as I used to be a trend follower, you'd be surprised how basic I've really become. Ridiculously basic. Perhaps a basic bitch. <wink, wink>

Let's talk about the jeans. My husband is not a fan and I LOVE them. What else is new? Mars vs. Venus. I tell you. For once they are not described as mom jeans, which, what is that by the way?, and just old school high waisted denim without spandex up the wazoo. They are legit and a smidge bad ass. Yes, we are revisiting the classics and I quite like it. Taking a break from skinny jeans because we've beaten that trend to death. Wide leg denim is like a breath of fresh air. 

And my tee? $6! No joke. Everyone needs a basic black tee only this one has a little pizzaz. You know me, you can't take the trend junkie out of the girl. And that's it! As basic as can be but certainly easy on the brain cells when you're reaching for clothes at 6:30am.

Shop my exact look below and happy week! xo